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Final Performance Showcase (video)


The Official BEAT BREAKERS Video Promo featuring Ken Swift! (video)

We’re proud to present the Beat Breakers promo video produced by our amazingly talented friend Chris Bagnall of Rockbox Films. We think it’s pretty great, but let us know how you feel after watching it!

Sneak Peek of the Final Performance rehearsal (VIDEO)

Puma Sneakers Arrive! (VIDEO)

Puma dropped off a shipment of brand new kicks for all the Beat Breakers to rock! Their moves are already crispier.

Good looks. Thanks Puma!

VIDEO of the first class!

Talk about natural talent. This is the first time these guys are doing these moves and they already look like breakers. We can’t wait until the end of the program when we see how far these guys come along…!

Beat Breakers Intro Showcase (VIDEO)

Ken Swift, accompanied by members of the Breaks Kru, held a brief exhibition at the school on April 13 to introduce students to the program.