The Official BEAT BREAKERS Video Promo featuring Ken Swift! (video)

We’re proud to present the Beat Breakers promo video produced by our amazingly talented friend Chris Bagnall of Rockbox Films. We think it’s pretty great, but let us know how you feel after watching it!


Beat Breakers Director, Ken Swift voted 2nd most iconic dancer of the century!

Congratulations Ken!

Last month, CNN’s arts and culture program, icon, asked you to vote for your top five iconic dancers of the last century….

Breakdancing pioneer Ken Swift came in second place. Swift is credited with establishing hip hop as a legitimate dance movement and creating many of its classic moves.

Read the CNN article at

Beat Breakers showcase at Reform School

Beat Breakers was invited to do a performance showcase at Reform School, an amazing project featuring high-profile art exhibitions, workshops, and parties aimed at driving awareness for educational reform, that took place during the weekend of Oct 22-24th.

Ken Swift, legendary b-boy icon and Head Instructor of the Beat Breakers program, gave a short introductory speech about the program and Beat Breakers instructor Waak and other members of the Breaks Kru demonstrated some of their finest moves on the schoolyard asphalt to kick off the program and raise visibility of the program.

Beat Breakers in its second semester and introduces a second school, BSSWA!

We’re proud to announce that Beat Breakers is back in session at the Bronx Academy of Letters in its second semester, and has also added a new school to its roster, the Bronx Studio School for Writers and Artists (BSSWA), where fifteen students have been accepted for the program!

We’re super excited to see how the continuing students expand on their skills, and how the new students take to the training. We’ll be tracking their progress so stay tuned for updates…

Final Performance Showcase (video)

Final Performance! (Pics by Joe Conzo)

The Beat Breakers gave their debut performance in front of the entire school last Tuesday, and they brought down the house! Check out these great pics taken by renowned hiphop photographer and historian hailing from the Bronx himself, Joe Conzo. Stay tuned for video footage of the show!

Getting ready for the big show.

Strutting their stuff...

The guys doing some high-flying tricks.

Twirling each other around isn't as easy as it looks.

... and they all fall down! The grand finale.

Right after giving the performance of their lives!

Professors Ken Swift and Wak, proud of their kids.

Some of the ladies pose for a photo shoot with Joe Conzo. This shot will go down in history!

Sneak Peek of the Final Performance rehearsal (VIDEO)